Questions about Mindenhurst

The Princess Royal Barracks site has been declared surplus to Ministry of Defence requirements. As a result, the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) undertook a review of options for the redevelopment of Deepcut and the provision of a new training facility at Worthy Down. The project, known as Project Wellesely, will see the military facilities at the existing Princess Royal Barracks consolidated into a bespoke new unit at Worthy Down in Winchester.

The DIO then entered into a joint venture with Skanska for the redevelopment of the Princess Royal Barracks into a major residential-led mixed-use development.

The purpose of the Deepcut SPD is to guide developers and the local planning authorities as they seek to create a new type of place within the Deepcut area. It is expected that the SPD document will be used by developers to direct any masterplanning they may undertake for Deepcut development sites and guide their preparation of planning applications for sites in the Deepcut area.

The SPD will be a material consideration for both Surrey Heath and Guildford boroughs when determining all planning applications in the Deepcut area.

The SPD provides information which developers will need to ensure that their development proposals are based on the broad placemaking concepts outlined in its concept, which include guidance on creating:

  • A rural village set in a wooded clearing
  • A linear form based on Deepcut Bridge Road with a strong community heart created around St Barbara’s Church with other nodes of community activity spread throughout the village
  • The strong heart created out of the village green, church, school and park
  • Key community elements such as village green, shops, school, church, community centre/health facilities and sports hub within walking distance of most residents
  • A network of walking and cycling routes focused on the village green and radiating out to key facilities in surrounding urban locations
  • Countryside penetrating deep into the built-up areas of the village
  • Plentiful open space within built-up areas of the village
  • Clusters of isolated development in the countryside around the edges of the village
  • A loosely enclosed village green that is based around road junctions and spills over the roads
  • Key retail activities centered on Deepcut Bridge Road
  • SANGs space provided in two linked, large blocks

A condition of the hybrid planning permission requires SHBC to approve a design code that covers:

  • Built-form strategies (including density, massing, street grain and permeability, street enclosure and active frontages, type and form of buildings and landmarks and vistas)
  • Design strategies for principal buildings or land uses within the character areas
  • A strategy for a hierarchy of streets and spaces principles
  • Design of the public realm
  • Principles for determining quality, colour and texture of external materials
  • Principles for hard and soft landscaping including the inclusion of important trees and hedgerows
  • On-street and off-street residential and commercial vehicular parking
  • Cycle parking and storage

All reserved matters applications will thereafter accord with the approved design codes for the site so as to ensure a considered and coordinated approach to development is maintained.

With the closure of the barracks, we needed to come up with a name for the new development that will provide an identity and a sense of place. After an extensive consultation process, it has been decided to name the development Mindenhurst, Deepcut. This name is evocative of quintessential Surrey villages, reflects the natural setting and maintains a strong link to the existing Deepcut community.

The project for the Defence Infrastructure Organisation on behalf of the Ministry of Defence  is being delivered by Skanska, while the individual phases of new homes will be delivered by a variety of quality house-builders.

The Mindenhurst development was granted hybrid planning permission in July 2014, agreeing elements such as the key access points, conversion of the Officers’ Mess to residential units providing 81 homes, and agreeing the principle of up to 1,119 new homes, two SANGS and a village green.

A subsequent reserved matters planning application was approved in July 2016 and covers vital infrastructure works such as new access points (the northern access roundabout and the new spine road), the village green and the first phase of suitable accessible natural green space (Central SANGS).

Yes. Although the current hybrid planning application remains in place, a reserved matters application (RMA) for each phase of development will be presented to the Council and will be publicly consulted upon in respect of all reserved matters.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires Local Planning Authorities to assess and demonstrate a five-year supply of deliverable sites. Surrey Heath Borough Council (SHBC) has developed a Core Strategy to identify the supply of houses to meet demand.

This project directly addresses the housing shortfall faces by SHBC in common with many other Local Authorities and existing policies have identified policies Deepcut as a strategic housing location for the Borough.

A supplementary planning document (SPD) sets out in more detail how core strategy and other planning policies and proposals will be delivered. This document was prepared in conjunction with Guildford Borough Council and is the result of an extensive process of community engagement and consultation that took place between 2009 and 2011. Both Councils adopted the SPD as guidance for development control purposes in September 2011.

As part of the approval of the Hybrid Planning Application, extensive traffic surveys were completed to simulate traffic flows including those of the new development. As a result of this process various S106 works form part of the approval and will seek to mitigate the impact of the development.

Relevant Highways Improvement works associated with this development are:
• Works to red route/Maultway/Upper Chobham Road
• Works to Deepcut Bridge Road Railway Bridge
• Environmental improvements to Deepcut Bridge Road
• Works to Frimley Green Road/Sturt Road/Wharf Road
• Red Route/ A322 Roundabout improvements
• Works to Junction 3 of the M3
• Gole Road/Dawney Hill traffic signal works

We are aware of wider highways network improvements planned by Surrey Heath Borough Council and Surrey County Council and we are seeking details.

The entire development is likely to be completed by around 2025, although this is dependent on a number of factors. The first residents will move in by 2018 and other key amenities such as the school and sports facilities will be built long before the completion date as needed.

The military, including personnel and associated resources, will vacate Princess Royal Barracks once the new facilities complete at Worthy Down – scheduled in 2021. This is intended to be a gradual process.

We are keen to respect the site’s history and to preserve some of the military identity associated with the site and are exploring doing this through public art installations and street naming. St Barbara’s Church is a grade 2 listed building and will therefore be retained and enhanced as part of our proposals and is very much part of the community we are developing at Mindenhurst. Other buildings of merit, such as the Officers’ Mess and Sergeants’ Mess and RLC HQ buildings will also be retained and converted to apartments in due course.

The first homes will be available to purchase from spring 2019 onwards.

As with any established village community, there will be a variety of available accommodation. Mindenhurst will offer 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes spread across the site in the form of low-level apartment buildings, terraced, semi-detached and detached houses.

This is housing provided to eligible households whose needs are not met by the private market. It can be delivered in the form of rented accommodation and part ownership (where you own part of the property and rent the remainder). Both types of properties are owned and managed by a Housing Association/partner.

All affordable housing will be designed to ensure that it is ‘tenure blind’ and externally will not stand out from private dwellings. The affordable homes will be integrated throughout the development to ensure mixed and balanced communities.

Thank you for your interest.
As each phase is being delivered by individual residential developers, they will all be responsible for their own sales and marketing.

We can pass on your details to the appointed developer. Contact

Yes. Businesses are integral to a thriving and sustainable community and, as such, we will be providing business space to rent as well as retail premises. We are still finalising the extent and hope to provide this in the centre of Deepcut. We intend to consult further on the details during 2016.

The Core Strategy and supporting information sets out the requirements for community facilities, broadly comprising:
• A new two-form entry primary school, together with a nursery facility
• A food store
• Local shops
• Space for medical facilities to accommodate GPs/dentists (if required)
• A library building with co-located police desk and village visitor centre
• A public house
• A replacement Church hall
• A care home
Careful consideration will need to be given to ensure these facilities are appropriately dispersed and located to ensure new and existing communities can access them as easily and conveniently as possible.

The development of schools and other facilities will keep pace with housing development and, for this reason, trigger points are set out in the S106 stating when facilities should be provided by. This is linked to the number of houses completed, rather than by specific calendar dates.

The current consented scheme only allows for the school in one specific location as approved by Surrey Heath Borough Council. As such, we cannot assume that an alternative location is viable and have to proceed on the basis of the approved planning application, or as close to it as possible. We are in discussions with Surrey Heath Borough Council to review the options and will provide further updates as and when any material updates emerge.

Parking will be provided in accordance with Local Authority standards and the provision will be consulted on as part of each reserved matters application for the housing elements. Public parking is under review but it has been agreed that further consultation is required on the extent, location and management of public car parking in the centre of the village.

We will be investing in considerable improvements to existing bus services, adding cycle routes that integrate with the national cycle network and creating new pedestrian links to and from Deepcut village.

Sustainability measures will be incorporated into the development in a number of different ways:
• Energy conservation in homes – exercised through improvements on Building Regulations
• Consideration has been given to the development of combined heat and power systems. This would need to have potential in localised areas but is unlikely to be achievable across the whole site
• Through layout and design to help people to work close to home and use local services and to encourage walking, cycling and use of public transport
Incorporating the buildings within the natural landscape will ensure biodiversity is maintained and encouraged.

As the overall vision for Mindenhurst is to remain a rural, woodland setting the process of clearing trees will be handled sensitively and, of the entire 110 hectare site, almost 70 hectares will be retained as green open spaces.

However, tree removal is essential to clear areas for vital infrastructure such as new roads and access points. One of the site’s first activities – the creation of the northern access roundabout – it will be necessary to clear a number of trees from this area.

The current plans allow extensive tree planting to be undertaken throughout the lifetime of the project.

A comprehensive woodlands management plan will ensure that during the course of the project, extensive new tree planting will be undertaken throughput the lifetime of the project. This plan is based on a philosophy of retention and replacement where possible with the aim of creating sustainable, comparable, diverse woodland.

There will be a sustainable urban drainage scheme (SUDs) approach to flood risk to increase the permeability of surfaces and to provide balancing ponds to hold back the flow of water under storm surge conditions. The Council will continue to consult with the Environment Agency to ensure that account is taken of any potential flood risk.

The Council has adoptable standards for different kinds of open space including playing pitches, informal open space, wildlife areas, children’s play and allotments. As part of the development there will be the provision of 69ha of public open space comprising of a mixture of Suitable Alternative Natural Green Spaces (SANGS), Accessible Natural Greenspace Standard (ANGST), village green, allotments, formal parkland, dedicated play spaces and informal areas of amenity green space within the residential area.

Green spaces contribute to healthy life styles. There will be a range of linked green spaces throughout the development which will, as far as possible, be linked by attractive green corridors i.e. safe and attractive walking and cycling routes.

All planning documents relating to the development are publicly available on the Surrey Heath Borough Council website, or can be accessed by clicking the following link:

This website will be regularly updated with all ongoing construction activity which will be supplemented with regular direct mailings (letters, newsletters) to affected residents. We also hold regular briefings with the Deepcut Neighbourhood Forum and will be hosting community update events, which will be listed in advance on this website.