Deepcut is a rural settlement lying to the east of Frimley. Originally an area of dense woodland and heathland, it was first developed during the construction of the Basingstoke Canal, which completed in 1794.

In the late 19th century, Deepcut was designated an army training ground and gradually acquired a series of military barracks and supporting civilian areas during the early 20th century. Having developed piecemeal over the course of a century, the area was extensively redeveloped in its current guise of the Princess Royal Barracks during the 1960s and has been home to the Royal Logistics Corps ever since.

In 2007, the Secretary of State for Defence announced that the Princess Royal Barracks would be closed after 2013 and the training facilities relocated to Worthy Down, near Winchester. This paved the way for the redevelopment of the site for civilian use and so begins a new chapter in the history of this iconic site.